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God’s Gift Of Joy and The Sawtooth block

God's Gift OF Joy

I looked out the window and saw the gift of joy!

When anxiety was great within me,     your consolation brought me joy. psalm 94:19

Let me explain.

You know, perhaps, that pink has become a sign of comfort and love from God to me. It all started with beautiful sunrises and sunsets early in the year. I began looking for it every day – and still do – it always brings me closer to God.

Several weeks ago, when I was feeling a little low, I asked for a sign that He was with me. Anything I prayed, maybe a pink flower. Well, behold – I was given a pink flower, that very morning. As the weeks went on, the yard was full of pink flowers! God is so Good!

But he didn’t stop there.

The Lord gave me the gift of joy.

It seemed to happen overnight. One day it was pink and green, the next an abundance of yellow. Primrose. DayLillies. Wild Black-eyed Susans.
It looks like an explosion of Joy.

God is showering me with Joy and comforting me with a gentle hug from those pink-hued clouds. And all of it with a backdrop of the relaxing color of green. (For those days when we need to bring our weary selves to Jesus)

Our quilt block this week is made of all those colors. In fact, that is how I chose the colors this week.

quilting project

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The Sawtooth Star Block

Four different colors are needed to create this block

I will refer to the colors I used in the directions. We will be making four flying geese units to create this block. The following directions show you an alternate method. If you prefer you can use the method from the Dutchman’s puzzle block

Notes: Use 1/4″ seams unless otherwise noted. Finished size of block in quilt is 8″, with seam allowance 8 1/2″

  • 5″ square large print (more if fussy cutting)
  • 6″ square of pink
  • 6″ X 12″ of bright yellow
  • 5″ X 11″ of Green
fabrics for block after cutting

Cut fabrics:

  • one 4 1/2″ square from large print (fussy cut if desired)
  • four 2 /12″ squares from pink fabric
  • eight 2 1/2″ squares for yellow fabric
  • four 2 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ rectangles from green fabric.

Make the Flying Geese units

  1. Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each yellow square.
  2. Place a yellow square, RST, and edges even on top of a green rectangle.
  3. Sew the fabric together on the line you drew. Cut 1/4″ away from stitching and press open.
  4. Repeat on the opposite side as shown in the photos. (make four units)

gods gift of joy sawtooth star quilt block

finished flying geese unit (make four like this)

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Assemble the Blocks

Using the photo as a guide. use 1/4″ seams

  1. Sew a flying geese unit to each side of the center block. Make sure the star side is towards the center block. Press seams towards the center block.
  2. Sew a pink block to each side of a flying geese unit. Press seams towards corner blocks. (make 2 like this) (top and bottom rows)
  3. Matching seams, sew the rows together as shown in the photos below.
gods gift of joy sawtooth star quilt block
gods gift of joy sawtooth star quilt block

Next week we have a variation on the Uneven Nine Patch that you can have a lot of fun experimenting with color variations.

Until next time, I hope you see God’s gift of joy in your everyday life and surroundings.


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