God Within – Piano Music And Quilts

God within piano quilt feature image

I finished the quilt about 6 years ago, but I never named it. One morning during a time of meditation, I opened my eyes, and there it was! God Within!

God Within.

I see the center of the quilt as light.

A beacon of hope.

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And then there’s the music.

I composed the piece about a year ago, and it was left unnamed.

Oh, I had ideas, but none seemed to fit.

Until last week.

While I was practicing, the music sang to me.
“God Within.”
It was good, and so it became.

Just a few notes about the video and quilts

  • The music was recorded simultaneously on my iphone and on an ipad
  • The quilts in the video are quilts I’ve made over the years
  • You’ll even see The Scrappy Sampler Quilt in the mix.
quilting project

I hope that you enjoy the music and that you’ll be inspired to create something that warms your heart.


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