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Are You Being Selfish? I Was.

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I realized I was being selfish when I began re-writing a prayer in my head.

Have you ever done that? Re-write what was written from the second person and to first-person?

For example, the prayer is written; we are Your chosen ones, but you read it to yourself as: I am Your chosen one.

And heck, why not? It feels funny, saying we’re this or we’re that when you’re all alone, right?

With God All Things are possible Matthew 19:26

Guilty as charged. Many a time.

Last night, while reading my latest favorite book, I started re-writing a prayer that was in it. It made the prayer me-focused instead of we-focused.

My re-write was selfish and me-centered

And I was limiting the power of God!

The prayer is written in a loving way that honors the reader.

I get goosebumps when I think about this!

So there I was reading this prayer and making it all about me. When I felt a little prick in my heart and heard the quiet whisper of God’s voice:

“You know, the author is praying for you and every other woman reading this book. And there are 100’s of ladies reading this prayer right now praying FOR YOU.”

It was an awe-inspiring moment. And you can bet your sweet life that I started praying for all those women too, including Jess Connolly, the author. *affiliate link

Jess Connolly writes the prayer in a loving way that honors the reader. (Romans 12:10)

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Like I said, it still gives me goosebumps!

Feeling with your whole being that you aren’t sitting alone reading that prayer at that moment is something I can’t explain. Knowing that you’re joined by the masses reading a prayer from a book may sound unbelievable, but thinking it isn’t possible?

That is limiting the power of the Holy Spirit. Because With God All Things Are Possible.

So if you’re tempted, like I was, to change that prayer to focus on yourself, remember, we’re reading it together. I won’t change it either.

(btw the prayer I am referring to is on page 94-95 of Jess Connolly’s book You are the girl for the job) *affiliate link

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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