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A Prayer For Purpose, Passion, and Courage

purpose passion courage

I’ve been praying a simple prayer for a few weeks now. Maybe you could use it too.

It’s a prayer for God to shine a light so bright on my purpose that I can’t deny it. That it becomes my passion. A prayer for the courage to let go of other stuff that gets in the way, even if it’s something I like to do.

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The reason for the prayer

Maybe you can relate to this. I love to do too many things!
In fact, I love so many things that life has to offer that I end up with a long to-do list and an even longer project wish list!

You know what that does to you?

It makes you craaaa-zee!. That’s what it does. And you might start googling silly things like what should I do today?

That’s when this prayer came to be.

I needed the courage to let things go, even if it meant things I LOVE to do.

I had to have the courage to give it ALL to God.

Not just the things that are easy to give up and take breaks from, but all of it, including the stuff I love. (gulp)

The Rest of It

Give me the courage to let go of other stuff that gets in the way, even if it’s something I like to do.

It’s hard to walk away from the things you enjoy doing. But sometimes you might walk away and find your way again. That’s what happened with The Quilted Bungalow. (It’s a journey of discovery.)

I pray you’ll also discover your purpose. That God will shine a light so brightly on your path that it becomes a passion that allows you to have the courage to let go of the less important stuff of life

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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