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When Night Noises Creep You Out.

night noises

Did I tell you about the snorting bear we heard one night? Super Creepy.
But wait, was it a really a bear?

Night + Weird Noises = Creepy

It was dark and quiet when we heard the snorting sound. (It’s the best I can describe what we heard). There was no sound before it (the snort) and nothing after.

Having some scripture memorized, or stored up in your head, can help when noises at night scare you. Especially if you have an overactive imagination…

The first thing I yelled was “BEAR”!

It was a logical assumption since we had a bear strolling by the window only a few nights before.

The Next thing I did?

I got up and closed my window and pulled the shade. Just for extra protection. (My husband kinda laughed at me, but I wasn’t taking any chances of that beast coming in my house!)

No kidding, I wasn’t too comfy with a snorting creature in the back yard.

My mind began to conjure up a lot of weird stuff.

I’ve always had a bit of an overactive imagination. So it’s not a surprise that I came up with the next possibility.

Was it the Devil himself?

“… Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8 NIV).

That scripture was loud and clear in my head and that snorting was almost like a roar, wasn’t it? And? I went down that rabbit hole for a little while.

What if it wasn’t a bear? What if it was Satan himself? Roaming around my back yard?

You can probably imagine I hard time falling asleep. It’s hard to sleep when you think your life is in immediate danger!!!

Fear Not…

do not fer

Well, that wasn’t going to do, was it? Everyone needs a good nights sleep. So? I fought that fear with the little bit of scripture I’ve managed to store up in my head.

I fell asleep, content, knowing that God is with me.

Imagining the devil himself is roaming around in my backwoods may sound silly. But the enemy is in our midst and when fear strikes your heart, having scripture memorized will help get you through.

And BTW. It was probably a deer. We’ve heard they snort.

See you next week, until then, Enjoy The Stuff Of Life. 🙂



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